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Device Protection Plan


Maintaining the durability and dependability of your technology assets should be your top priority in this fast-paced corporate world. That's where our Comprehensive device protection plan comes into play, offering unmatched shield against the unexpected.

Whether it's accidental damage, technical glitches, or the unforeseen risks that come with daily use, our plan stands as a fortress, ensuring your devices remain operational, no matter what life throws at them.

With wireless Support, you're getting more than just a service-you're getting assurance. With our comprehensive device protection plan, you're not simply safeguarding your company's devices; you are ensuring the continuation and efficiency of your business.

Tailored to meet the needs of modern enterprises, Our solution includes everything, from simple repairs to major replacements, making sure your company doesn't stop operating.


Help Protect your Devices and Investment

Devices are costing companies more and more each day. Having a device protection plan that insures that your devices are working at all times is a must. The device protection plan is designed to protect all device types including smartphones, basic phones, tablets and hotspots.


Full account protection for all your devices

Get protection across your entire account no matter what type of device is on your account


Device Replacement

We know how important it is to have working devices. Our Device Replacement program can provide you a replacement in 1-3 days. If you need a temporary device in the meantime, we can provide a loaner device while your replacement arrives.


Reduce your company's Liability

Reduce your company’s liability to a fixed cost when a device is damaged or lost without committing to a new device payment plan or contact. With our program, you pay a fixed cost depending on the device tier and a replacement device is processed and shipped out to you.


Loaner Device Program

Have a working device at all times with our Free Loaner Device Program. Keep the loaner device for up to 90 days while you’re waiting for an upgrade, repair or replacement device.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

A replacement device can typically be provided within 1-3 days. The Device Protection Plan ensures that you have minimal downtime by quickly processing and shipping the replacement. While you wait for your replacement, a loaner device can also be offered to guarantee uninterrupted operation.

Direct contact with the support staff or an online web form are the two ways to enrol a device in the Device Protection Plan. This process is designed to be quick and efficient, allowing businesses to easily add devices to the plan as needed.

The commitment period for the Device Protection Plan is typically one year. This period helps ensure that devices are covered consistently, providing peace of mind and reducing financial risk for the duration of the plan.

Remote device control, application deployment, location tracking, and device security measures are among the features of the mobile device management solution. It helps businesses secure their mobile devices and manage them efficiently, addressing aspects such as device setup, troubleshooting, and lifecycle management.

Wireless Support's Comprehensive Device Protection Plan compensates for misplaced or stolen devices. They offer quick replacements and loaner devices to ensure your business operations continue smoothly. This reduces your company’s liability and maintains productivity while safeguarding your devices against unexpected incidents.