We have the solutions to ensure that your business’s mobile communication needs are taken care of. With over 15,000 devices under our management, we have developed the tools to help your business be more efficient and stay under budget
Dedicated Wireless Account Support is the key to ensuring that all of your mobile communication needs are met. Our dedicated support team acts as a help desk and provides dedicated device and account support for all of your users. Your staff will spend less time dealing with day to day issues related to your wireless communications account.
Sales and Procurement:
Ordering devices and accessories has never been easier. Our team will make equipment recommendations based on your specific requirements and company policies. Our partnership with each carrier allows us to apply the best corporate discounts and promotions to each order so that you benefit and get the best deal possible. Our patented ordering system allows us to place orders and keep track of the progress throughout the order cycle.
Wireless Support Complete:
Imagine a program that addresses every aspect, every problem, every pain point related to your wireless communication account. A Device Protection Plan, Dedicated account support and a comprehensive expense management solution all in one program. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 devices or 1000 on your account, having Wireless Support Complete takes care of all of your account needs.
Wireless Expense Management:
How can you make sure you’re paying the lowest price possible each month on your mobility account? Our Expense management system does a complete audit of your account to make sure that you are. Correcting billing mistakes, checking for overuse and underuse, additional unused features or lines and doing a rate plan comparison is all part of the expense management process that is done on a monthly basis.
GPS Tracking:
These days decision makers need more data about where their employees are and what they are actively doing. Our Wireless Support GPS Tracker app allows you to ping the exact location of any mobile device without the need for expensive hardware. You get real time information and reports which allow you to retrieve the history of the user’s location for up to six months.

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