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Unlimited Help Desk Support

Our Dedicated Help Desk is here to provide you with phone and email support when you need it. Our agents are handpicked and specially trained to be able to assist you immediately. Using our internal verification system, we will follow security steps to ensure that your company data stays confidential and secure at all times when supporting your users.


Unlimited Phone Support

Your users can call us directly for support at 1-877-SUPPORT. Our agents are standing by to assist with all questions and issues. Our agents will stay on the line with your staff to ensure that your issue is 100% resolved. If additional support is needed our agents will merge the call and stay on the line until we fully resolve your issues.


Unlimited Email Support

Our email support agents are available to assist 7 days a week. Once an email is submitted to us, it becomes a task and one of our agents gets assigned to it. We will then work on the task until it’s fully completed and reply back to you with an update or completion confirmation.


Experienced Support Agents

Our agents are not only familiar with our clients and are on a first name basis but also have the knowledge of experience that will help resolve your issue as quickly as possible.


Quick Response Time

We offer an industry best response time to address your issues. Phone support requests are handled immediately, email and web form requests have an SLA of 1-2 hours. After hours request have an SLA of 3-4 hours.

Wireless Support

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We make it a priority to offer flexible services to accommodate your needs!