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Experience the next level of efficiency with our comprehensive mobile device management solution.

Designed to meet the changing needs of new businesses, our solution offers seamless management of your mobile devices, ensuring security and productivity.

With our easy-to-use interface, you'll have no trouble launching apps, managing contacts, and enforcing IT policies across your device fleet.

Our solution provides real-time insights into your devices, permitting you to go with informed decisions and respond immediately to any security menaces.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our mobile device management solution is tailored to meet your unique requirements, giving a versatile and dependable way of dealing with your mobile work force.


Push Mobile Applications

Push and update applications remotely to one or all of your devices. Authorize only approved applications and manage the play store remotely.


Reporting and Inventory Management

Generate reports of all your devices and get detailed information including location, device type, imei's icc id's and much more. Fully manage and update your inventory and keep track of warranties including life cycle of each device. Fully manage and update your inventory to match your users.


GPS Tracking

Track your users in real time with the built in GPS tracking feature. Get a breadcrumbs view of the location your user has travelled on a map in a given period of time. With our optional GPS Tracking app, you can get more detailed information including 30 second location pings, customized travel reports including stops and duration, Geofencing and alerts and a lot more features. Our GPS Tracking app is included with your subscription of WSC.


Fully Managed MDM Services (Help, Monitor, Maintain, Report and Consult)

A MDM solution is a great tool to have but it has to be maintained to stay up to date. Our team of experts will provide a fully managed solution that will save your staff a ton of time and frustration. We will provide you with a 100% managed MDM solution that will allow your team to focus on growing your business. Our team will help you with all aspects of the MDM including user and device enrollment, inventory management, lifecycle management, reporting, device retirement and all other MDM requirements.


Device Restrictions

Lock down your company owned devices and restrict them from misuse with our built in Device Restrictions. Prevent users from being able to add a protection lock or their personal accounts on your work devices. Restrict and control the app store and only provide access to apps that are approved by your IT policy. Restrict the browser to only allow content via without download or streaming capability.


Policy Enforcement

Enforce your company IT Policy on all your devices and have the ability to assign different policies to different user groups. Business policies get enforced at all times and you can easily monitor to make sure all your devices are compliant to your policies. Combine all configuration profiles, apps, files and roll outs into one policy to make enforcement easier.


Cloud Based Control Panel

Our Cloud based control panel allows you to fully manage and configure your device remotely. The easy to use control panel gives you full functions that is 100% cloud based so you can login from anywhere and have full visibility into your users and devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

With an MDM solution, companies can safely manage and control mobile devices throughout their whole network. This includes maintaining systems, complying with security standards, and distributing software and updates to ensure all equipment meets company standards.

Fully managed MDM takes the burden off the company's IT staff by providing complete management of all mobile devices in the network. This service includes the installation, maintenance, and updating of MDM software, as well as support for any issues that arise, ensuring devices remain secure and functional without requiring extensive internal resources.

It's best to find a service that works with a lot of different mobile devices and running systems and has strong security features like encryption and remote wiping. It should also have detailed reporting tools for keeping an eye on how the device is used and making sure that company rules are being followed.

Look for a service with encryption, remote wipe, and support for several mobile devices and operating systems. Device usage and company policy compliance should be monitored with detailed reporting tools.

The MDM solution permits the implementation of security measures, which include device storage, password management, and far-flung erasing of misplaced or stolen gadgets. Additionally, MDM can reveal and prevent the set-up of unauthorized applications, putting off potential safety risks.