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Device Setup, Staging & Kitting

Device Setup, Staging & Kitting

Allow our team to fully setup, stage, configure and kit your devices with all necessary accessories. Our team will learn and understand your exact staging needs and implement a system wide program to duplicate this across all your devices.

We can customize the staging process based on your user preferences and your company’s business policy.

We can customize the shipping process so your devices and accessories can be shipped to multiple locations based on where you do business.

Our specially trained staging crew can handle project of all sizes with minimal processing time.


Device Setup and Configuration

Each device can be setup with its own unit configurations and settings. We can customize the settings of each device to fit the needs of that specific user.


MDM Installation and configuration

Each Device can be fully encrypted and secured with an Enterprise grade MDM solution installation. The MDM can be fully deployed and configured on each device then fully tested with the cloud based controls.


Device charging and Testing

We’ll fully charge each device and ensure complete device functionality tests on voice, messaging and data access. Our testing begins with basic device features then full device load is tested to ensure the device can perform to its highest standards.


Device Kitting and customized Shipping

We’ll customize your kitting and shipping preferences to include only what you require with each device shipment. Each device can be kitted with its appropriate accessories and shipping can be set to specific branches and locations of your users. We can also include case/cover installation, tempered glass installation and additional vehicle mounting installation.

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