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Device Repair Plan


Devices in general especially smartphone require maintenance and repair. Most of the time, it’s more economical to repair a device than to purchase a new one. Our Repair plan allows you to ship your device to us for service. Depending on the device type, we can either repair your device or coordinate the repair with the manufacturer. At the end, we’ll ensure that you receive a working device back that can meet your needs.


OEM Collaboration & Partnership

Our collaboration and partnership with carriers and manufacturers allows us to schedule your repair in an expedited fashion. You can either ship your device to us for us to handle or we can schedule the repair from your location directly. Once your device is repaired, it can then be arranged to be shipped to the user directly.


Shipping Coodination and visibility

We will help coordinate the shipping and provide you full status updates and visibility in the repair process at any time. Our staff will ensure that you get all of your questions answered in a timely fashion.


Staff Time and Cost Reduction

Reduce your staff time and your overall costs by allowing us to handle your device repair needs. No need to send your staff to a repair shop for your device repairs which end up costing you time, money and liability. Our professionals will ensure that your device repair is done efficiently minimizing your costs.

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