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Wireless Support Complete (WSC)

Our Wireless Support Complete Program is designed as an end to end solution for all your mobile devices. We realize that businesses rely on us for their mobility needs so our WSC solution is designed to meet your business communication needs. Think of Wireless Support as an extension of your company and Wireless Support Complete and a service that helps service you!

All of our Solutions are included with Wireless Support Complete:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Device Protection Plan
  • Device Repair Plan
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • Wireless Expense Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • Device Lifecycle Management
  • Ordering and Producement
  • Device Setup, Staging & Kitting




Our cloud based MDM solution locks down each device for security and prevents abuse by the user. It also allows you to have full control over your devices and their location. A full inventory system with exportable reports is built into this control panel that's accessible 24 hours a day. Push applications, contacts and files remotely with the ability to remote control into your devices in case troubleshooting is needed. Remotely lock, disable or wipe lost devices or send out an Alarm sound to find it if needed. These are just some of the features of our MDM.


Our WS GPS Tracking application can be installed on any Smartphone or Tablet device. The cloud based control panel can accurately ping each device and track the location of your users once every 30 seconds. Generate detailed reports of mileage, speed, stops and duration. Setup parameters with Geo Fencing and get alerts when users travel outside of the parameter. Promote safe driving by setting up speed alerts and do much much more!


Our Device Protection Plan will ensure that you're protected when a Device is broken or lost. You'll reduce your company's liability when a device need service or when a replacement is needed. Submitting a request is super easy and we offer a quick turn around time to get your device either repaired or replaced.


Full Device App Setup, Custom Configurations and MDM installation can all be done before your users get their devices. We'll install and test all your apps, label and tag each device before shipping to your required location. We can also kit the devices with the accessories you need before shipment.


Our Services are fully managed and dedicated for you so you don't need to tie up manpower and resources on your end. Our Best in Class Help Desk Support Center is accessible via Phone, email or through our Web Forms 7 days a week.


We'll help reduce your monthly wireless costs by Auditing your carrier bill each month. Our analysts will scrutinize every charge and ensure that you're paying the lowest rate possible. We'll provide you with an easy to read and understand spreadsheet each month of where your money is being spent. We'll flag lines that have no usage or have additional charges so you can easily identify them in your records.

Other Included Features:

  • Enterprise Grade MDM Solution
  • Device Protection Plan
  • Device Prepair Plan
  • Remote login to your Smartphone (On supported devices)
  • Change mobile number (MIN change)
  • Porting request
  • Order replacement equipment
  • Order upgrade equipment
  • Reset voicemail Requests
  • Rate plan changes
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support
  • Add/remove features
  • Remote login to your Smartphone (On supported devices)
  • Change mobile number (MIN change)
  • Device Lifecycle Management
  • Change unused lines to Seasonal or suspend plans
  • Cancel or report lost/stolen device
  • Manage Departments and Cost Centers
  • User Name Changes
  • Loaner Phone Program
  • Handset (ESN )swap
  • Wireless Expense Management
  • GPS Device Tracking
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